Special Hunting Package

The Special Hunting package is for two hunters accompanied by one professional hunter.



The rate of US$ 5 950 applies per hunter and includes 7 days of hunting. Animals included in this hunt per hunter is one Oryx, one Hartebeest, one Warthog, one Impala and one Springbuck as well as all accommodation, meals, refreshments and airport transfers.

Additional observers are charged US $1500 per person for above described 7 days of hunting. This fee includes accommodation, meals, refreshments and airport transfers.

Gemsbuck (Oryx)

Heavily built with a short thick neck and distinct black and white markings on the face, body and legs. Weighs 500 lbs (bulls) and 450 lbs (cows). Both sexes carry long rapier-like horns of which the average length for adults is about 33 inches. Body colour greyish-fawn.




Body colour fawn to brown but darker from shoulders down to back of rump more noticeable with the bulls. Both sexes chave horns. The average weight of an adult bull is approximately 320 lbs with a horn length of about 20 inches.



Can only be described as ugly. Grey with sparse black hair scattered over body. Typically pig-like snout. Canine teeth of adults develop into long curved tusks. Adult male weighs between 130 and 200lbs.


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